I recently found an envelope containing pictures of me from when I born. I cannot remember ever seeing these photos before, and they are so beautiful to me. They show the moments I first came home,  my earliest moments with my older brother, and my little button nose. Things I don't remember now and yet they are the beginning of everything that led me to where I am today.

I love to photograph babies in their homes surrounded by the people who love them best. In the rooms that make up their tiny world, with the things that were so carefully chosen by family and friends eager for their arrival. Snuggled in the safety of a parent's arms, looking up at the faces they are beginning to memorize, sitting quietly with a sibling who will soon be their noisiest playmate, near the dog who will be their best friend.

I'd love a chance to document your little one's beginning so that someday, even though they don't remember, they'll know how their story began.